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Draft! about the project: The culture of Vegetarian / Vegan Gastronomy – From Asceticism to Ethical Hedonism

The focus of this research project seeks to challenge in academic and public discourses the prevalent idea of vegetarian and especially vegan gastronomy as rigid and ascetic. To this end, there is a need for an increased exchange of information between academics and multipliers such as journalists and teachers in relevant studies and publications etc. The main goal is – in the context of a pluralistic society – to bring vegetarianism / veganism gastronomy better into the public arena of debate, and to do so more effectively using ethical hedonistic arguments. Thereby reinforcing it as a subject in interdisciplinary academic discourse as well as in wider public debate. The arguments for ethical vegan hedonism follow in the tradition of enlightened humanism. In the established academic gastronomy / hospitality and food journals and books very few publications focus on vegetarian and vegan gastronomy. A regulary updated general bibliography on vegetarianism / veganism in the cultural and social studies can you find at http://vegstudies.univie.ac.at/bibliographies/  See also the often cited overview article Ruby, Matthew 2012. Research Review: Vegetarianism. A blossoming field of study. Appetite 58: 141-150.




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