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When submitting an article to ECSSV, please format it according to the following guidelines:

1. PC-compatible files only  - MS Word
2. Recommended length: 10,000 - 20,000 words
3. On a separate page, include your name and your postal and e-mail addresses, the title of your essay, and a brief abstract of its contents (3- 10 sentences)
3. For the text itself: margins at 1", double spaced, font size 12 pt.
4. Use APA Style for all documentation -
5. Include Notes and Works Cited at the end as regular text. In other words, please do NOT use the "automatic" footnote/endnote function on your word processor to generate these. They sometimes tend to disappear when traveling through cyberspace or when the document is converted. 

About ECSSV entries and recommended citation:
The basic ECSSV list of entries is now completed and scholars are invited to write articles on selected terms. The articles will be stored in the
quarterly updated ECSSV entry archive with a permanent stable URL. The ECSSV will obtain an ISSN = International Standard Serial Number at www.issn.org.

The ECSSV supports mainly the APA Style – apastyle.org. The ECSSV, as an online periodical, should therefore be cited in the following format.
Author, (year). Title of Entry. Encyclopedia for Cultural and Social Studies on Vegetarianisms and Veganism. Volume (Issue). pp-pp. Retrieved from vegstudies.univie.ac.at/ecssv/archive/ xxxxxxx

Special thanks go to Humanimalia and Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

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