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Erwin Lengauer "Veganism in Europe" in: FoodService Europe 2016/ Nr.6 Pan-European Survey. Good Food, Clean Conscience: Vegetarian and Vegan Concepts Are on the Rise. Part 1: Austria, France, Spain & Switzerland, page 8-17.  plus 2017 Nr. 1 Part 2 about Britian, Italy, Germany and Sweden.

Special PDF Version of FoodService Europe & Middle East 2011/5. Pan-European Survey: Vegetarian Restaurants Part II. Niche Market Players Show that Meat is not a Prerequisite for Outstanding Cuisine. Page 8-18. 
Contributing Authors  UK: Barbara Mecke. Spain: Mario Cañizal Villarino  The Netherlands/Belgium:  Puck Kerkhoven  Russia: Daria Zhiganova 
(On Page 16: Portait of www.TopVegetarianRestaurants.net)

Special PDF Version of FoodService Europe & Middle East 2011/4. Pan-European Survey: Vegetarian Restaurants Part I. Shifting out of the Eco-freak Corner into Mainstream Society. Page  8-18.
Contributing Authors: Switzerland/Germany: Barbara Mecke, France: Lydie Anastasion, Italy: Flavia Fresia

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