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INCSSV - International Network for Cultural and Social Studies on Vegetarianism and Veganism is coordinated by the FEWD / University of Vienna project Vegstudies.net, online at vegstudies.univie.ac.at

The FEWD Vegstudies.net project is part of the multidisciplinary FEWD research area foodethics. One main goal of Vegstudies.net is a better exchange of relevant academic information through the multidisciplinary advisory board. Some help should also provide the quarterly updated FEWD / INCSSV bibliographies, related to a (internal) full text archive. The other goal is to start in the nearer future with the ECSSV - Encyclopedia for Cultural and Social Studies on Vegetarianisms and Veganism.  (ISSN: coming soon) Especially for the ECSSV we are looking for editors and contributors.

Welcome to Interdisciplinary Vegstudies.net, a field of study that is the first of its kind in Austria. The focal point of which is at moment a comprehensive documentation of a variety of subjects pertaining to culture and social sciences.

The relevant FEWD bibliographies in the humanities and the social sciences – based on extensive three-monthly data base findings – are to be found under the respective subjects. It is precisely the social sciences of psychology and sociology that have an important bearing on related topics such as nutritional studies and ecology which are of an empirical natural scientific nature. Humanities subjects such as philosophy, history and theology logically have the question of animal ethics and animal rights at their core, as well as the crucial problem of world hunger and global warming.

The renowned anthologies Food for Thought: The Debate over Eating Meat and Ethical Vegetarianism contain key texts and philosophical studies. The Cultural Encyclopedia of Vegetarianism is also important to mention as it is the first encyclopedia of its kind. Information on broader topics is provided by the FEWD vegetarianism bibliographies, particularly those on humanities and the social sciences. These essential FEWD vegetarian bibliographies are followed for the most part by peer review texts from humanities and the social sciences. Most of these articles are on the FEWD website for our research partners in PDF format online available. Finally there is the FEWD topic Vegetarian Gastrosophy  recommending applied ethical hedonism projects such as Philosophy and Wine, topvegetarianrestaurants.net, and cordonvert.co.uk.

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